As far as the impact to the data center, with big data is all about the ABCs, Analytics, Bandwidth and Content. Analytics will bring new tools based around the Hadoop framework, Bandwidth will necessitate the [More]
A short introduction to Apache Bigtop, what is it and what can it be used for ? How can it be used to test and deploy the Hadoop stack ?
Companies that use SAS analytics tools for their traditional databases are looking to derive even more value by mining unstructured data. Data management platforms like Hortonworks enable that relationship by delivering an enterprise-ready Hadoop framework. [More]
At this year’s Strata Conference/Hadoop World 2013, SAS big data vice president Paul Kent presented a session on setting up Hadoop clusters for advanced analytics. We caught up with several audience members and recorded their [More]
Download Hadoop: The Definitive Guide PDF Free Download FreeDownload Here Hadoop The Definitive GuideDownload Download Hadoop: The Definitive Guide PDF FreeDownload Download Hadoop: The Definitive Guide PDF Free free BookDownload Download Hadoop: The Definitive [More]
Webinaire Hadoop on Savanna on Havana. Présentateur : Jean-Pierre Hoang, ingénieur-chercheur Big Data chez Cloudwatt. Introduction de Jean-Louis Lezaun, responsable Cloud Europe chez Intel. Découvrez comment lancer Hadoop en 2 minutes sur OpenStack Havana.
Hi new batches are starts on HADOOP.further details contact us:+91-9052666559,USA : +1-678-693-3475. full course details please visit our website Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. [More] 2013 — Bertrand Dechoux » Hadoop MapReduce est une opportunité mais encore faut-il ne pas confondre BigData et Big Technical Debt. Ensemble, nous verrons le fonctionnement de MapReduce et l’écosystème qui s’est créé [More]
If you’ve backed us, or even if you haven’t (yet), please spread the word as far and wide as you can. Share & Support for a chance to WIN A FREE FLIGHT TO HAWAII! We [More]
A quelques jours de l’événement #PMEBIGDATA qui se déroulera le mardi 03 novembre dans les locaux parisiens de Bpifrance, Mael Dreano, chef de projet chez OVH parle du Big Data et du HPC (High…