See Jack Run: 227 Premier League Miles, One Deliberate Step at a TimeWhen he signed Cork from Swansea City last summer — a “no-brainer” of a deal, Dyche said — he knew the 28-year-old possessed [More]
Tech’s Ethical ‘Dark Side’: Harvard, Stanford and Others Want to Address It“We need to at least teach people that there’s a dark side to the ideathat you should move fast and break things,” said Laura [More]
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Said to Agree to Testify Before Congress Over Data PrivacyThe chief executive has agreed to testify in at least one congressional hearing over the socialnetwork’s handling of customer data, according to people familiar [More]
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Soul-Searching From Ad Group That Lauded Cambridge AnalyticaBy SAPNA MAHESHWARIMARCH 28, 2018An advertising trade group that gave an award to Cambridge Analytica last year for its “big data” work during the 2016 presidentialelection is now [More]
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Practical Hive A Guide to Hadoops Data Warehouse System bb3dd813
Practical Hadoop Ecosystem A Definitive Guide to HadoopRelated Frameworks and Tools 1cf3d155
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Practical Hive A Guide to Hadoops Data Warehouse System 6a091415
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For Many Strokes, There’s an Effective Treatment. Why Aren’t Some Doctors Offering It?Stroke treatment guidelines issued by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association strongly endorse T. P.A.“In my experience, almost no one [More]