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Ex-MP Tessa Jowell first to donate data to medical databaseBaroness Jowell said: “It is my hope that through my cancer journeyand sharing of my data, we will be able to develop better treatments for cancer [More]
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No One’s Talking About the New Tax LawNow I’m reading off the first paragraph, I said, ‘This is boring.’”If Mr. Trump has lost some interest in the $1.5 trillion tax overhaulthat he signed into law [More]
The Follower Factory –Devumi’s founder, German Calas, denied that his company sold fake followers and said he knew nothing about social identities stolen from real users.“My social media following exploded,” Mr. Sehdev claimed, because he [More]
Facebook Takes the Punches While Rest of Silicon Valley DucksIn a statement, Aaron Stein, a Google spokesman, said the company was “completely focused on protecting our users’ data”and “will take action” if it found evidence [More]
After Cambridge Analytica, Privacy Experts Get to Say ‘I Told You So’“‘So what if my boss saw me doing a keg stand?’ But all of a sudden the ‘so what if’ becomes more serious— ‘I [More]
Lawmakers Grill Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook: Live CoverageCalifornia Democrat Anna Eshoo asked Mr. Zuckerberg bluntly: “Are you willing to change your business model to protect users’ privacy?”“Congresswoman, I’m not sure what that means,” Mr. Zuckerberg [More]
Facebook Is Complicated. That Shouldn’t Stop Lawmakers.Congress could address the issue of data collection by adopting European-style data protection policies, requiring stronger user controlsfor personal information or requiring social networks to delete certain types of [More]
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