5 Biggest Credit Card Data Hacks in History

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5 Biggest Credit Card Data Hacks in History
Here’s a look at some of the largest credit card breaches in the U. S.
To date, the Heartland Payments Systems hack remains the largest data breach in history when it comes to credit or debit cards.
While data for both Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA) credit cards was stolen, the AP reported
that for Visa alone, the fraud related losses could be to the tune of $68 million to $83 million, spread across 13 countries.
That’s an order of magnitude more than the company’s initial disclosure
According to the non-profit Identity Theft Report Center (ITRC), data breaches
that have led to exposure of credit or debit card information decreased last year compared to 2015.
The money spent by the company included $10 million settlement with shoppers, $67 million payment
to Visa, $20.25 million to banks and credit unions and $19.11 million to MasterCard
The IHG breach is by no means the largest breach, not only in terms of the amount of data stolen but also how much it cost the company.
Fortune magazine reported that Home Depot ended up paying $25 million to banks, $134.5 million to card companies like Visa
and MasterCard and $19.5 million to affected customers.
Customer credit and debit card data was compromised at Target during the 2013 Black Friday weekend, WSJ reported.


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