Advanced tech used to boost military training for preparation of real combat situations

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정경두, ‘과학화교육훈련’ 현장점검…K2전차 실사격 체험

Instead of live ammunition,… trainees at the Army’s Korea Combat Training Center in Inje County, in Gangwon-do Province use lasers and sensors.
Soldiers wear special gear equipped with a multiple integrated laser engagement system… that are then used to simulate situations including the mobilization of South Korea’s Army units when the country is under attack.
“This training is aimed at better preparing the Army for real combat, something the South Korean military generally lacks, now that it hasn’t been engaged in a full-scale war for some 70 years.”
Sensors attached to soldiers’ uniforms enable real-time monitoring }The simulations are heavily monitored in a control room where instructors are able to watch real-time combat situations unfold thanks to a sensor attached to each soldier’s uniform.
Sensors are attached to detect when soldiers are hit… and depending on the severity of the attack they could be categorized as mild to critically wounded.
Trainings are monitored in real-time and then the unit’s performance is analyzed in detail for future evaluation.
KCTC continues efforts to tie advanced tech to military}With the dawn of the 5G era… the South Korean military hopes to further develop the training that incorporates bigdata as well as technologies involving virtual and augmented reality.
As part of efforts to boost the modernization of the country’s military… South Korea’s defense minister Jeong Kyeong-doo paid a visit to the center… and was reassured that the weapons used during the simulations are the same kind to the ones actually used in combat.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News, Inje County.


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