Antidoping Officials Obtain Trove of Russian Lab Data

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Antidoping Officials Obtain Trove of Russian Lab Data
The World Anti-Doping Agency, the global regulator of drugs in sports, has obtained a digital trove of data
that is believed to contain information that will greatly expand the already massive scope of Russia’s doping program, which corrupted the results of several Olympics and has imperiled the country’s eligibility for the coming Winter Games in South Korea.
In Russia, however, the national antidoping laboratory alerted the nation’s sports ministry when athletes tested positive,
and they often followed a deputy sports minister’s directive to falsely report positive drug tests as clean results to international authorities, according to both Mr. McLaren and the former longtime director of Russia’s lab, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov
Antidoping officials from several countries who have urged Olympic leaders to take a harder stance against Russia in the wake of Mr. McLaren’s investigation
— even calling for the nation to be barred from the Pyeongchang Games — have pointed to Russia’s refusal to turn over the electronic data.
There are already a series of cases that have been closed with the approval of WADA, and now those cases may well be reopened.”
The antidoping agency said in a news release that its investigators were “finalizing the forensic analysis of the enormous backup file and assessing what information is relevant,” asserting
that they were “confident” in the authenticity of the information.
“This evidence could be another mother lode and potentially open a new dimension to the gravity of the fraud perpetrated by
the Russia doping conspiracy,” Travis T. Tygart, the chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, said Friday.
Known as laboratory information management system data, the records reflect the results of lab tests run on the
machines in Russia’s national antidoping lab, a nondescript five-story building a few miles from the Kremlin.


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