Beg, Borrow or Steal: How Trump Says China Takes Technology

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Beg, Borrow or Steal: How Trump Says China Takes Technology
China is pressuring foreign companies to share knowledge with local partners if they want to
make electric cars in China — an industry in which China has plans to become a major player.
Companies like Apple and Amazon have set up ventures with local partners to handle data in China — a requirement
that Chinese officials say is driven by security and privacy concerns.
In some industries, like car production, China has long required foreign companies to team up with local partners.
Chinese officials have also pressured foreign companies to give them access to sensitive technology
as part of a review process to make sure those products are safe for Chinese consumers.
The foreign companies involved, like Apple, argue that the sensitive data remains safeguarded.
Chinese officials say many foreign companies voluntarily hand over technology
The report outlines in blunt terms how intellectual property — everything from product designs
and sensitive data to general know-how — has become a point of contention in global trade relations, joining longstanding areas of dispute like steel.
Those companies — which usually complain anonymously, fearing Chinese retribution — have found a sympathetic ear in the Trump administration.


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