Big Data Interview Questions & Answers || Hadoop Interview Questions & Answers

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Frequently asked questions in Interviews,
Should watch before going to face Big Data Interview

Q1: Why Data is called Big Data ?
Q2: What is Structured and Unstructured data?
Q3: What are V’s of Big Data?
Q4: Why Hadoop is used as a Database for BIG DATA?
Q5: What is Hadoop architecture and its main components to build right solutions to a given business problems?
Q6: What is NoSQL ?
Q7: Do we need to define primary key for MogoDB ?
Q8: What is a life cycle of big data analytics?
Q9: How Big Data, Hadoop, Pentaho and QlikView/Tableau interlinked in real time?
Q10: How traditional database RDBMS is different from Hadoop database?
Q11: What are the best Software & Hardware configuration to run Hadoop?
Q12: What are the various Hadoop daemons and their roles in a Hadoop cluster?
Q13: What all modes Hadoop can be run in?
Q14: What are the most common Input Formats in Hadoop?
Q15: What is the difference between Hadoop and Spark?


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