Broadchurch finale shocks viewers with big reveal

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Broadchurch finale shocks viewers with big reveal
Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support, a charity
that advised writers on the ITV series, said the show performed “excellent work” in portraying the reality of rape.
Chris Chibnall said he wanted to show “best practice” in dealing with rape cases after speaking to various rape charities and the police.
Metro’s Claire Rutter said: “While it didn’t quite surpass the original series, Chris Chibnall and his team should take a bow as it did reaffirm
that British crime drama can be at the top of its game and really keep you in suspense week by week.”
Latimer’s son was murdered in series one and he has been seen struggling to cope throughout series three.
Rapist and groomer Humphries, played by actor Chris Mason, was seen in shocking scenes in the police interview room coldly telling detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy (Tennant)
that he was “proud” of his crimes and that rape was “beautiful”.
The highest figure enjoyed by the show previously was the 8.6 million who tuned in to the series one finale back in 2013.
” he said. that Broadchurch at its best was one of the best crime dramas the UK has ever produced,
This final series – written by the show’s creator Chris Chibnall – has been widely praised for how it has handled its harrowing subject matter.


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