But the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday

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But the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday
that overall investment in fixed assets, including factories as well as office towers and apartment buildings, climbed 8.8 percent for the first quarter, little changed from a pace of 8.9 percent for the first two months of the year despite the central bank’s modest moves to limit credit.
Economists instead will parse more detailed data on trade, construction
and retail spending to divine whether China — the largest single contributor to global growth in recent years — will continue to keep the world economy in gear.
By this theory, policy makers there make moves to get what they want, like expanding infrastructure spending and mortgage lending during slowdowns,
but they also engage in data smoothing by understating growth in good years and overstating growth in bad years.
The country’s economy, the world’s second-largest behind
that of the United States, grew 6.9 percent in the first quarter, led by strong expansion at factories, Chinese officials said Monday.
China’s Economy Grows 6.9%, but Warning Signs Persist –
SHANGHAI — China’s economic data is usually very predictable.
The trick will be to continue that growth while also trying to curb China’s dependence on loans by big state-owned banks to large
state-owned enterprises, which has allowed these enterprises to go on spending and investing even in money-losing ventures.


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