Coke Using Data to Generate Product Ideas (KO)

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Coke Using Data to Generate Product Ideas (KO)
The beverage giant developed a process called the Black Book, which uses data sets inducing expected crop yields, satellite imagery, geographic consumer predilection, acidity,
and a host of other information to determine how Coke would produce the orange juice so that it has a consistent taste year-round.
Sprite Cherry might be the first result of data accrued from Freestyle machines, but it’s definitely not the first time Coke is using big data.
One of the ways it’s using the data is in the production of orange juice
that has a consistent taste throughout the year, despite the fact that oranges have a peak growing season, which usually lasts for about three months.
These machines, which have touch-screen capability, allow consumers to add their desired
flavor – lemon, cherry, raspberry and vanilla, for instance – to their drinks.
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Until recently, the cherry-flavored Sprite was only available to customers via Coke Freestyle machines.
The beverage giant admitted that new flavored Sprite was a result of data from Coke Freestyle machines.
Meet Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero.
Coca-Cola Co. (KO) announced on February 13th that it has added two new cherry-flavored products to its portfolio of beverages.


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