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Opticonx Introduces MTP Conversion Module Designed to Fully Utilize Your Fiber Network

MTP Conversion Modules are designed to easily upgrade your network utilizing existing trunk cables.

• Full fiber utilization
• Converts Base-8, Base-12 and Base-24 backbones
• Fast, easy installation
• Available in Multimode OM3, OM4 and OM5 and Singlemode OS/2
• Country of Origin: USA

When used in parallel applications that utilize 8 fibers (4 TX and 4 RX lanes), conventional 12 fiber MTP/MPO cables waste 1/3rd of the fibers in the cable plant. To overcome this, Opticonx recommends the use of Xtreme12 Conversion Modules to eliminate wasted fibers.

40Gbs Ethernet (40GBASE-SR4) and 100Gbs Ethernet (100GBASE-SR4) use 8 fibers per channel.

The MTP interface uses the 1st four fibers to transmit and the last four fibers to receive. The middle four fibers are not utilized. 12-fiber MTP leaves 1/3 of the fibers dark. The Xtreme12 2×3 Conversion Module converts the signal from 3 4-channel transceivers to two 12-fiber trunks, achieving 100% utilization of a 12-fiber network.

A denser solution for 12-fiber networks is a 4×6 Conversion Module for converting the signal from 6 4 channel transceivers to 4 12-fiber trunks.

Conversion Modules for 24-fiber networks convert 1 24-fiber MTP to 3 8-fiber MTPs.

®MTP is a Registered Trademark of USCONEC.

Opticonx – Fiber-optic experts specializing in data centers. All products are designed and manufactured in our facility in Putnam, CT. Opticonx provides solutions for 10/25/40/50/100G fiber networks. Our products are utilized in data centers around the world.

Xtreme is Opticonx’s family of data center products. This end to end plug and play system of modules, trunks, patch panels, harnesses and patch cables provides complete utilization of fiber cabling infrastructure.

The Xtreme family includes:

Xtreme8™ for Base-8 cabling trunks and backbones for full fiber utilization in the data center.
Xtreme12™ for Base-12 cabling trunks and backbones for new and existing infrastructure cabling.
Xtreme+™ for hyperscale data center super high density fiber installations and infrastructure.

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