Data Exhaust Definition

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Data Exhaust Definition
Data exhaust is big data in that it can be mined, but the data sets making up
data exhaust are much larger than data sets and sources big data works with.
There is simply too much data exhaust, however, for it all to be relevant enough to be used for purpose driven big data analysis.
Data exhaust can be mined to create a fairly accurate portrait of a person’s daily life given that so much of our lives has a digital component.
Even just looking at a widely used office application like email, there is data exhaust such
as average response time, number of bounced emails, times the program is accessed and so on.
This data exhaust could be captured and combined with the data coming out of other workplace applications, access card swipes, vending machine purchases, employee social media updates
and so on to paint a picture of the productivity of the office over time.
In this context, the data exhaust can become big data that serves you.
Activity monitors and smartphones have a data exhaust
that can piece together daily movements, working hours can be tracked through office applications, and social media can often fill in remaining gaps.


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