Data Migration Definition

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Data Migration Definition
If it is not possible for a company to run a pre-migration environment while the new environment is prepped, then there will
be significant downtime as business operations on the current applications are suspended to allow for the data migration.
To minimize the risks of data migration, companies create detailed data migration policies
that prioritize back ups, moving order and concurrent data environments when possible.
One thing that can improve a data migration is to clean out and standardize data practices prior to migration.
A full copy of a company’s data is taken into the new environment and tested while employees stay in the old environment.
This type of stop, transfer, and start data migration may be required when moving to new platforms or when there are hard limits on physical storage
and swaps or fixes are needed on the existing storage technology.
Data migration occurs for a number of reasons, including server replacement or maintenance,
a change of data centers, data consolidation projects and system upgrades.
As much of a company’s corporate knowledge and business intelligence is contained
in its data, any data migration project must be done carefully to minimize risks.


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