Data On-Boarding Definition

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Data On-Boarding Definition
Detailed customer files can be analyzed and connected to other data stores to profile the customer, assign a cohort,
and then do a cohort analysis to see what other offerings would likely be successful with that particular customer.
Another approach is to go digital first, with customer facing interactions captured
by employees using customer relationship management (CRM) software.
An example of this is the recording of customer phone calls as audio files which is saved along with
transcripts of those files as well as completed post-call customer satisfaction survey results.
With some additional spending to purchase data, a marketer might also see other online sources a similar customer checks before making a decision.
The digital first, CRM approach also depends heavily on having employees invested in the system
and seeing the benefits of collecting full customer data.
Data on-boarding refers to the process of bringing related offline information
into a digital format where it can be combined for the purpose of analysis.
Essentially, companies are attempting to collect more offline data
and bring it into their analytics to get a complete picture of the customer’s buying process and the impact of marketing efforts.


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