Forget Trump and Discover the World

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Forget Trump and Discover the World
“No new coal or gas power plants are being built in India today,” he added, “not because of regulations,
but because solar, wind, hydro are all now able to compete with coal plants without subsidies.”
Bottom line, the Indian energy economy is rapidly transitioning to a “decarbonized, digitized
and decentralized” system, said Kolli, enabling better quality of life while meeting big energy needs — without the government having to deal with all the protests that come with building coal- or gas-fired plants.
And if you empower people with their data, they can use their data to get better loans, get better skills,
and build a digital repository that captures their skills to get better salaries.”
Similar innovations are going on in energy, explained Mahesh Kolli, president of Greenko, India’s largest renewable power provider.
In a country where many poor people lacked any form of ID, like a birth certificate or a driver’s license, this has been a revolution, because they can now open a bank account
and get government aid sent directly to them — rather than having bureaucrats, bankers or postal workers skim off 30 percent each year through the mail — and then link their bank account to their mobile phones, from which they can buy, sell, transfer money and receive payments digitally anytime anywhere.
By Thomas L. Friedman
Mumbai, INDIA — In a recent MSNBC interview I described President Trump as a “brain-eating disease.”
I did so because his indecent behavior, and nonstop outrageous tweets and actions, force you as a commentator into a terrible choice: either ignore it all and risk normalizing Trump’s excesses or write about him constantly and risk not having the time to learn and report about the big trends now reshaping the world — trends
that one day will surprise your readers and leave them asking, “Why didn’t I know this?”
To inoculate myself against Trump eating my brain, I occasionally get as far away as I can.


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