Freebirth data ’should be collected across UK’

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Freebirth data ’should be collected across UK’
” it said. that The RCM also believes that the more we develop maternity services which enable women
and midwives to get to know each other and for women to trust their midwife, the less likely women are to choose to give birth without a midwife present,
The RCM said it would “welcome this type of data collection” as long as it is carried out “in accordance with data protection laws”.
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Data on how many women choose to give birth without medical assistance should be collected across the UK, medical associations have said.
” it said. that We welcome any data collected on freebirthing across the UK to
help our understanding of women’s birth preferences and inform best practice,
But Ms Horrigan said she was completely confident in her decision and giving birth to her daughter Autumn-Violet was “amazing”.
” she said. that With my son’s birth I felt there were exams and monitoring and you were being told what to do,
But it voiced concerns about freebirthing, saying it would “strongly discourage” it due to the “potential risks for both mother and baby”.


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