Hadoop Tutorial: Hue – Preparing the data for analysis with Pig and Python UDF

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Welcome to season 2 of the Hue (http://gethue.com) video series. In this new chapter we are going to demonstrate how Hue can simplify Hadoop usage and lets you focus on the business and less about the underlying technology. In a real life scenario, we will use various Hadoop tools within the Hue UI and explore some data and extract some competitive advantage insights from it.
Let’s go surf the Big Data wave, directly from your Browser!
We want to open a new restaurant. In order to optimize our future business we would like to learn more about the existing restaurants, which tastes are trending, what food eaters are looking for or are positive/negative about… In order to answer these questions, we are going to need some data.
Luckily, Yelp is providing some datasets of restaurants and reviews and we download them. What’s next? Let’s move the data into Hadoop and make it queryable!


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