Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders (ACSI)

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Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders (ACSI)
“When we examine the cumulative satisfaction portfolio returns, the results show a 518 percent growth over the 15 years, compared to only a 31
percent increase for the S&P 500,” according to the London School of Economics regarding a 15-year data analysis of ACSI’s underlying index.
All securities within the index are listed on a major U. S. stock exchange
and measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index,” according to ACSI Funds.
Perhaps underscoring the notion that airlines, broadly speaking, are not known for excellent customer satisfaction,
the industrial sector, home to airlines, is just 7.5 percent of the ETF’s weight, according to issuer data.
“The index utilizes customer satisfaction metrics for over 350 brands, representing
over 150 large capitalization securities for inclusion in the index.
“And the consistency is uncanny; on an annual basis, the customer satisfaction portfolio
outperformed the S&P 500 in 14 out of the 15 years included in the analysis
ACSI, which debuted in November, tracks the American Customer Satisfaction Investable Index.


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