Highest paid Scottish doctors are mainly men

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Highest paid Scottish doctors are mainly men
Among the remaining 10 Scottish health boards the top 10 earning consultants were:
The Freedom of Information data showed that the earnings of the highest-paid senior doctors varied
across health boards from £285,000 in NHS Ayrshire and Arran to £139,000 in Shetland.
The Freedom of Information data suggested just two of Scotland’s NHS boards had as many as three women among their top 10 highest-paid medics.
Glasgow has just one female consultant among its top 10 highest-paid consultants but she was the top earning medic in the health board.
BMA Scotland’s consultants committee chairman Simon Barker said: “While the medical workforce is today almost gender equal in numbers, there remains significant under-representation of women in senior roles
that is particularly pronounced in certain specialties.
The figures showed just 15 out of 100 of the highest-paid consultants across Scotland’s health boards were women.
Dr Barker said: “There is clearly still a long way to go in addressing the obstacles
that too many women still face in their medical careers and it is only by confronting the problem head-on that further progress will be made.”
“When women do reach consultant grade posts, it is still the case
that they find it more difficult to access additional sources of income on top of their basic contracted hours, such as additional locum or out of hours work, research projects and discretionary points.”
At least two boards – NHS Borders and NHS Ayrshire and Arran – have no female consultants among their top 10 earners.
The numbers are calculated by comparing the average hourly pay of women with the average hourly pay of men.


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