IBM Tackles Quantum Computing in the Cloud

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IBM Tackles Quantum Computing in the Cloud
Unlike current computing platforms, including IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) cognitive computing system Watson, which scour reams of data in search of patterns and insights, quantum computing has the potential to “deliver solutions to important problems where patterns cannot be seen because the data doesn’t exist and the possibilities
that you need to explore to get to the answer are too enormous to ever be processed by classical computers.”
In conjunction with its aggressive quantum computing plans, IBM also took the wraps of a new application program interface (API) designed to give developers a means of building interfaces between “old” computers
and its cutting-edge, five quantum bit (qubit) cloud-based supercomputer.
Over the next several years, IBM said it intends to build a quantum computer with as
much as 50 qubits to “demonstrate capabilities beyond today’s classical systems.”
In addition to the new API, IBM said it will also release a software development kit (SDK) “in the first half of 2017.”
IBM cited several potential uses for the future of quantum computing including drug
and materials research, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud data security, among others.
The industry-first quantum systems and service initiative, “IBM Q,” will be housed within its Watson labs.


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