IBM’s Watson Tackles Cybersecurity Operations

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IBM’s Watson Tackles Cybersecurity Operations
With the scope of its machine-learning wonder only continuing to expand, the latest Watson-related announcement isn’t surprising: IBM
(NYSE: IBM) recently made its new “Watson for Cyber Security” product available to power cognitive security operations centers (SOCs).
An automated, intelligent offering for SOCs could save as many as 20,000 man hours a year of what amounts to wasted time
chasing “false positives” — possible cybersecurity breaches that prove to be nothing more than irregularities.
Unfortunately IBM doesn’t break out specific revenue details individually for
its all-important “strategic imperatives” efforts, of which security is one.
IBM has reported consistently strong growth across its strategic imperatives lineup,
and a boost to its data security efforts will help it keep raising the bar.
Watson trained on cybersecurity by “ingesting over 1 million security documents.”
Watson Cyber Security is, as per IBM, the SOC industry’s first solution driven by augmented intelligence.
In 2016, revenues from strategic imperatives grew by a combined 13% to $32.8 billion, including a 13% increase in IBM’s security-related revenue.


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