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Recorded video of the Free Live Webinar.
Industry Interview Series: How Internet of Things(IOT) leverages Hadoop

Industry Expert: Mobstac (Funded by Cisco)
MobStac is a Proximity marketing & analytics platform for beacons.

Presenter: Garima Batra (Core Platform Engineer at MobStac)

Garima Batra has been a contributor of the Beaconstac Analytics platform (which involves using Hadoop) and she has also been a core member in the development of Beaconstac iOS SDK which is an indoor location proximity marketing library.

In this session Garima talked about the following:

*The problem statement which led MobStac to choose Hadoop.
*The challenges MobStac faced.
*How MobStac integrated Amazon Elastic MapReduce to seamlessly process tasks at regular intervals.


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