JPMorgan: Optimism is High Among U.S. Business Leaders

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JPMorgan: Optimism is High Among U.S. Business Leaders
” JP Morgan said in its note. that In a dramatic shift from last year, the 2017 survey, which closed the day
Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States, recorded increased optimism across the board,
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Economic outlook (local, national and global) continued to trend higher with 80 percent
of executives optimistic about the national economy, up from 39 percent in 2016.
Goldman Sachs said that On the one hand, investors, corporate managers,
and macroeconomic survey data suggest an increase in optimism about future economic growth,
“Reporting high expectations for the new administration, over the next year, middle market executives expect improved performance in the global, national
and local economies, as well as their own businesses.”
In its annual “Business Leaders Outlook” survey, JP Morgan found
that 76 percent of executives believe the new administration will have a positive effect on their businesses.
“In contrast, sell-side analysts have cut consensus 2017 adjusted EPS forecasts by 1% since the election
and “hard” macroeconomic data show only modest improvement.”
68 percent were optimistic on their local economy and 30 percent were optimistic on the global economy – both higher from 2016.


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