Kettering General Hospital ’fiddled’ waiting time records

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Kettering General Hospital ’fiddled’ waiting time records
“However the intensive review of our waiting list data
and systems has found, as of May 21st 2017, 282 patients who have waited more than a year (52 weeks) to be seen.
A hospital spokesman said: “We suspended reporting of our waiting list data to the Department of Health in December
2015 when we became aware of some anomalies which suggested there could be some issues with our systems.
He told the BBC he discovered managers at Kettering General Hospital had used six
exclusion categories to remove patients from their official waiting list data.
“This means we are confident we have now addressed our data quality and system issues and that our waiting list data is reliable.”
A BBC investigation found thousands of Kettering General Hospital patients had waited a year or more for operations.
An inspection report by the Care Quality Commission said when these data problems were identified,
the number of patients found to be waiting more than 52 weeks leapt from just eight to 25,000.
The hospital admitted there had been “anomalies” and that a thorough review of data had been carried out.
Mr Phelan, who raised concerns under whistleblowing procedures, was working as associate general manager in the trauma
and orthopaedics department when he discovered discrepancies in the referral to treatment time (RTT) data in October 2015.


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