Lawmakers Grill Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook: Live Coverage

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Lawmakers Grill Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook: Live Coverage
California Democrat Anna Eshoo asked Mr. Zuckerberg bluntly: “Are you willing to change your business model to protect users’ privacy?”
“Congresswoman, I’m not sure what that means,” Mr. Zuckerberg said.
Lawmakers on both side of the aisle grilled Mr. Zuckerberg over his company’s handling of user data
and were particularly focused on the platform’s privacy settings, which put the onus on users to protect their privacy.
The concern was echoed by Bobby Rush, a Democrat of Illinois, who pointed a finger at Mr. Zuckerberg
and asked: “Why is the onus on the user to opt in to privacy and security settings?”
While Tuesday’s Senate hearing contained tough questions, the lawmakers were generally deferential to Mr. Zuckerberg.
Mr. Zuckerberg answered the legislators’ questions by saying
that the company plans to put a tool “at the top of everyone’s app” where users will be able to make privacy and sharing choices.
Mr. Zuckerberg did not admit that the company explicitly decided to withhold
that information from consumers, but he said the company made a mistake in not telling users.
That data would include both the messages, posts and photos
that an individual posted as well as details a company may have collected about them, European regulators said.
But the company may not offer affirmative consent — asking users to explicitly opt-in — in every country, depending on legal issues, he said.


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