North Korea Tries to Make Hacking a Profit Center

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North Korea Tries to Make Hacking a Profit Center
The new report identified another Lazarus spinoff, which it named Andariel, and said
that group was responsible for at least seven hacking attacks on banks, defense contractors and other businesses in South Korea over the last two years.
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s state-sponsored hackers are increasingly going after money rather than
secrets, according to a report published on Thursday by a South Korean government-backed institute.
The report said the Andariel group had increasingly shifted from destructive attacks on computer networks to crimes like stealing bank-card data
and using it to draw cash from bank customers’ accounts or selling the data on the black market.
That kind of attack is still occurring, but in the last few years, North Korean hackers seem to have become
more interested in stealing cash, the Financial Security Institute said in its report on Thursday.
South Korean cybersecurity officials began detecting attacks attributed to North Korean hackers around 2009.
North Korea has denied any involvement in hacking attacks, accusing South Korea and the United States of slander.
“If Bluenoroff has attacked financial firms around the world, Andariel focuses on businesses
and government agencies in South Korea using methods tailored for the country.” Please verify you’re not a robot by clicking the box.


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