It seems it really does pay to go to cloud. IT professionals working with Microsoft Azure-based or big-data-type solutions are currently the most well compensated, a new salary survey shows. Findings of Redmond magazine’s latest [More] Hadoop & Big Data Analytics Market research report categorizes the global market on the basis of software types, hardware equipments, services, verticals and geographies.
Themesoft IT Consulting Services helps firms to improve their productivity. Our services include Search Engine Optimization, Software Development, Cloud Computing, HADOOP, MongoDB, WordPress Web Development, Responsive Web Design, and Mobile App Development – list:– Workflows, Coordinators, Bundles dashboards– Standard and current Web technologies– Filtering, sorting, progress bars, XML highlighting– Kill, suspend, and re-run jobs from the UI– One click access to Oozie logs or MapReduce launcher logs– [More]
A short introduction to Apache Accumulo. What is it and how does it relate to big table ? How does it use Hadoop, Zookeeper and Thrift in its implementation ?
For enterprises in regulated industries, or any organization with compliance auditing and reporting requirements, Zettaset Orchestrator includes an Activity Monitor which is supported by a centralized logging function. Know more at:
Michael Olson, CEO of Cloudera, discusses the future of Hadoop. Moderated by Jo Maitland, research director at GigaOM Pro.Powered by Producer : GigaOm
Speakers: Michael Olson – CEO, Cloudera Moderated by:Jo Maitland – Research Director, GigaOM ProPowered by Producer : GigaOM
– The Link: Hadoop SSIS Tasks. try it risk free 2014. download url inside Hadoop SSIS Tasks Enable integration with Hadoop Distributed File System and Oozie. (Download Full) I think because we are always [More]
Justin Borgman, CEO and co-founder of Hadapt; Mark Cusack, chief architect at RainStor; James Markarian, EVP and CTO at Informatica; Ari Zilka, chief products officer at Hortonworks. Moderated by Jo Maitland, research director at GigaOM [More]
Speakers: Justin Borgman – CEO and Co-Founder, Hadapt Mark Cusack – Chief Architect, RainStor James Markarian – EVP and CTO, Informatica Ari Zilka – Chief Products Officer, Hortonworks Moderated by:Jo Maitland – Research Director, GigaOM [More]