Palantir Technologies Inc.

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Palantir Technologies Inc.
Estimated Valuation: $20 billion
Product: Software, Big data
Palantir Technologies Inc., co-founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel, has become one of the
world’s largest software companies, known for using its big data expertise to advise U. S. corporations.
Thiel continued to work with computer scientists to further build Palantir by combining artificial intelligence
and human intelligence to explore and understand data, a process known as intelligence automation, according to the company’s website.
After PayPal’s sale to eBay Inc., Thiel founded the hedge fund, Clarium Capital,
and has gone on to found the venture capital firm Founder’s Fund, according to Crunchbase.
The second, Palantir Metropolis, allows companies to integrate their internal data with publicly available data to spot trends
and predict what’s likely to happen in areas such as immunization and chronic disease screenings, the company’s website says.
In addition to companies, Palantir does major work with the U. S. government, including the intelligence services and the Department of Defense.
While recent financial data is not available, the company was on track to generate $1.7 billion in revenue in 2015, according to Business Insider.


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