See Jack Run: 227 Premier League Miles, One Deliberate Step at a Time

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See Jack Run: 227 Premier League Miles, One Deliberate Step at a Time
When he signed Cork from Swansea City last summer — a “no-brainer” of a deal, Dyche said — he knew the 28-year-old possessed the first two in spades; Dyche
and Cork had worked together, briefly, at Watford earlier in their careers.
He is not immune to tiredness — the festive period around Christmas, with five games in 14 days, was especially tough — but Dyche has taught him
that “after the first 10 minutes, as soon as you get going, it comes back to you.”
The message is delivered in preseason training.
He runs two sessions, in particular, to “take them to places they might not think they want to go.”
“At the end, we show them the statistics of what they have done,” Dyche said.
Dyche is just as conscious of the mental energy required, as he said, “to recognize the body shape of the opponent, to make sure you are on the right line of the pass,
that you’re moving in shape with the team.” It is motion, but it is also thought.
“We have not just their tracking data, but all of the data going back five years,” Dyche said.
Burnley has played 30 games in the Premier League this season: 2,700 minutes (plus injury
time) of soccer in what is marketed as the most intense league in the world.
“It is a lot of side to side: It doesn’t look that hard, because it is not big, long runs,
but those teams have so much quality that it is a lot of hard work.


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