Surprising Benefits When Brokers Grade Their Customers

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Surprising Benefits When Brokers Grade Their Customers
Unlike large institutional investors, the average investor does not have access to a team of analysts
and the piles of data they need to make smart, informed trading decisions.
For the average investor, the stocks they buy go on to underperform, and the stocks they sell go on to perform very well.
Armed with teams of experienced investment analysts, “smart money” investors can evaluate exactly
what’s going on in the market, allowing them to make more informed investment decisions.
This does not necessarily mean they always make smart decisions – in fact, plenty of them make bad trades from time to time.
Perhaps this is why average investors typically earn 1% to 2% less than the average mutual fund.
According to some statistics, over a 20-year period, the average investor earned 2% to 3.5% less than the overall market each year.


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