The Follower Factory –

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The Follower Factory –
Devumi’s founder, German Calas, denied that his company sold fake followers and said he knew nothing about social identities stolen from real users.
“My social media following exploded,” Mr. Sehdev claimed, because he had discovered the true secret to celebrity influence: “Authenticity is the key.”
Among the followers delivered to Mr. Sehdev was Ms. Rychly — or at least, a copy of her.
While Devumi sells millions of followers directly to celebrities
and influencers, its customers also include marketing and public relations agencies, which buy followers for their own customers.
After The Times contacted Ms. Greiner, Mr. Pallen said he had “experimented” with the company
but “stopped using it long ago.” A lawyer for Ms. Greiner said she had asked him to stop after learning of the first purchases.
“People who judge by how many likes or how many followers, it’s not a healthy thing.”
But in January last year, Ms. Ireland had only about 160,000 followers.
Mr. Leal, who has bought at least 150,000 followers from Devumi in recent years, is one of at least dozens
of customers who work in the adult film industry or as escorts, according to a review of Devumi records.
According to data collected by Captiv8, a company that connects influencers to brands, an influencer with 100,000 followers
might earn an average of $2,000 for a promotional tweet, while an influencer with a million followers might earn $20,000.


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