Want to Search Earnings for English Majors by College? You Can’t

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Want to Search Earnings for English Majors by College? You Can’t
Ms. Foxx’s proposed half-measure this week is just one part of a much larger conversation about dozens of proposed changes
that would touch nearly every aspect of how the federal government pays for and regulates higher education.
“They don’t want families to have accurate, comparable data to make one of the most important decisions of their lives.”
Sarah A. Flanagan, vice president for government relations and policy development at the private college association, responded by noting
that private colleges have the best outcomes when it comes to college completion.
In my ideal world, every parent and potential student would be able to search program by program, school by school, to see who dropped out, who finished with how much debt, how much progress they were making on repaying the debt
and how much the graduates from each program earned years later, on average.
This week, however, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce proposed a half-measure: Release the data,
but only on people who borrow money for their education, because they have already offered up personal financial information when applying for financial aid in the first place.


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