Waymo Sues Uber for Theft of Self-Driving Tech (GOOG, F)

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Waymo Sues Uber for Theft of Self-Driving Tech (GOOG, F)
Ride-sharing startup Uber Technologies Inc. plans to invoke a “broad arbitration provision” from its employee Anthony Levandowski’s previous employment agreement with Google to request arbitration in its case with Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)
that has accused Levandowski of stealing trade secrets.
A lawyer for the Uber told Reuters that individuals mentioned in Waymo’s complaint are not referred to as “defendants”
because of an employment agreement “that has a very broad arbitration provision.”
In its complaint, Waymo alleged that Levandowski, who was part of Google’s self-driving unit earlier,
downloaded more than 14,000 documents relating to self-driving technology with “special software.”
Mountain View wrote that Waymo developed its patented inventions
and trade secrets at great expense, and through years of painstaking research, experimentation, and trial and error,
Each self-driving car requires approximately five Lidar sensors (a single large sensor on top of the car
and four smaller sensors that each cost $8,000 on the sides).
Uber has said that the lawsuit is a “baseless attempt (by Waymo) to slow down a competitor.”
This is because Levandowski brought with him knowledge of proprietary technology relating to Lidar sensors, according to the Waymo filing.
However, those data points come at a significant cost – according to some estimates, the big Lidar
sensors (which are the flashing lights placed on top of cars) cost as much as $85,000 per piece.


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