What’s new in Hue 2.5 – Hue, the UI for Apache Hadoop

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Hue 2.5 (gethue.com) brings a new app for HBase and more than 80 commits. The HBase Browser application is tailored for quickly browsing huge tables and accessing any content. You can also create new tables, add data, modify existing cells and filter data with the auto-completing search bar.
Stay tuned, we have some upcoming videos and blog posts!
Notable Fixes:
– HUE-1135 [pig] Options support
– HUE-1115 [impala] Support multi db
– HUE-641 [jb] Auto-refresh the Job Browser views
– HUE-1150 [pig] Links to inputs/outputs/MR jobs
– HUE-1256 [core] Cache the HA jt
– HUE-1321 [oozie] Improved import workflow
Read more about it here: gethue.tumblr.com/post/55581863077/hue-2-5-and-its-hbase-app-is-out


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