Who Gets H1-B Visas and Where Do They Work?

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Who Gets H1-B Visas and Where Do They Work?
While the company is the top employer in terms of LCA filings in many states, Apple Inc. (AAPL​) leads LCA applications with 17,630 employees in California,
and Microsoft does so in Washington State with LCA requests for 8252 employees.
According to data from the Labor Department, the job role
that sees the maximum number of LCA applications is Software Developer/Computer Programmer, followed by Computer Systems Analysts, people working in other computer related occupations and Management Analysts
Since exact data of successful H1-B filings is not available, one good measure to gauge the kind of companies
that file for this visa on behalf of their employees is the Labor Condition Application (LCA).
In order to drive economic growth, President Trump has promised to reform the H1-B visa – the non-immigrant
employment visa for foreign workers – to encourage companies to “hire American.”
The Trump administration has vowed to crackdown on fraud and abuse of these visa regulations creating a perception
that cheaper labor has led to misuse of the employment visa and crowded out American workers.
Below is a visualization that looks at the number of requests received and approved every year for the H1-B Visa.
According to U. S. Department of State data, more than 70% of the H1-B Visas approved in FY2016 were awarded to Indians.
Every year more LCAs are approved by the Labor Department than the number of H1-B allotments.
The LCA is a U. S. Department of Labor approval required prior to the actual H1-B filing.


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