“With Pittsburgh, we learned we need to present the city’s needs upfront.”

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“With Pittsburgh, we learned we need to present the city’s needs upfront.”
Uber said it was open to a deal with Pittsburgh but had yet to see a draft of proposed commitments the city is seeking from the company.
While Mr. Peduto had trumpeted his relationship with Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick,
he didn’t get any commitments in writing about what the company would provide for Pittsburgh.
Parking fees also make up about 15 percent of Pittsburgh’s revenue,
and the city has not said how those funds would be replaced if fewer people owned and parked cars and used driverless services instead, she said.
Uber said it planned to share some data collected by its autonomous vehicles with the city this
year, though Pittsburgh officials say the data Uber shares with other cities is insufficient.
Mr. Kalanick first approached Mr. Peduto in 2015 with plans to start driverless trials in Pittsburgh.
PITTSBURGH — When Uber picked this former Rust Belt town as the inaugural city
for its driverless car experiment, Pittsburgh played the consummate host.
“We hope to continue to have a positive presence in Pittsburgh by supporting the local economy and community.”
Pittsburgh’s frustrations with Uber are encapsulated in the Hazelwood neighborhood along the
Monongahela River, where the company opened a driverless vehicle testing track last year.


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