You Can’t Fire Equifax, but Your Employer Can. Mine Just Did.

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You Can’t Fire Equifax, but Your Employer Can. Mine Just Did.
Equifax can also use the payroll data to help colleges track the financial progress of its alumni with its “Graduate Outcome Metrics” offering, allowing schools to avoid expensive surveys
and what Equifax refers to in its marketing materials as “self-reporting falsehoods.”
And if your mind wandered to where mine did in imagining other Work Number uses, yes — employers can
and do ask for job applicants’ permission to check their current and previous salary where it is legal to do that.
This week, as something of a case study, I asked my employer, , to cancel its contract with Equifax for a service
called Work Number, which provides employment verification and other details like work history and salary.
Brian Krebs, who runs the Krebs on Security website, reported in May 2017
that an Equifax payroll services unit had allowed thieves to wallow around in the individual salary data of many people for nearly a year.
In the wake of the payroll unit breach that Mr. Krebs reported on, which resulted from thieves using personal information from
affected employees to reset their passwords, the University of Louisville stopped doing business with the Equifax service.
It said that in June 2017, Discover Financial Services was able to dive into my Work Number data.


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