‘Smart Thermometers’ Track Flu Season in Real TimeThose experts, Mr. Singh said, found the data to be more accurate than Google’s Flu Trends,which Google shut down three years ago after it missed the peak of [More]
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Another Search Begins for Long-Missing Malaysian AirlinerOcean Infinity, a Houston-based company, could receive as much as $70 million if it finds the plane’s debris field or two data recorders within 90 days, TransportationMinister Liow Tiong [More]
Antioxidants Don’t Ease Muscle Soreness After Exercise“Muscle soreness is something you get from unaccustomed or high-intensity exercise,and there are some ways to reduce it — hot baths, cold baths, massage,” said the lead author, Mayur [More]
New Shingles Vaccine Is Cost EffectiveUsing data from randomized trials, researchers calculatedthat using the new vaccine would save money over the long term, based on statistical measures that quantify the cost effectiveness of health care [More]
Resignation of Carrie Gracie, BBC China Editor, Resurfaces Pay Row” In a statement, the broadcaster said an independent audit of pay showed “no systemic discrimination against women,” and addedthat it was “performing considerably better than [More]
AT&T Drops Huawei’s New Smartphone Amid Security WorriesThe letter, which was reviewed by , said Congress had “long been concerned about Chineseespionage in general, and Huawei’s role in that espionage in particular.”While the letter did [More]
India Clings to Cash, Even as Tech Firms Push Digital MoneyAnusheel Shrivastava, a top Kantar executive in India, said his firm foundthat 6 percent of mobile phone users made at least one digital transaction a [More]
Toymaker VTech Settles Charges of Violating Child Privacy Law“Unfortunately, VTech fell short in both of these areas.”The agency said in its complaint that VTech had collected data about more than 638,000 children — including text [More]
When the Lung Cancer Patient Climbs MountainsHe gave his blessing but acknowledged: “If you polled physicians you might have gotten a lot of different advice.”Another of Andy’s doctors, Dr. Zofia Piotrowska, a medical oncologist at [More]
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In this Video,We explained what is the difference between RDMS and MongoDB with an example.\r\rTopics\r1 . BSON\r2. Data Model in RDMS ( Database,table,rows)\r3.Data Model in MongoDB (Database,collections,documents )\r4. JSON Data Format\r5.Dynamic Schema